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About us

18 Clothing is a company founded by a group of students from Turku Business College. The idea started as a school project and after the first few products were released, we noticed that we had the potential to be the next big thing.

We want to be known as THE trendsetters of streetwear and as influencers of Rap/Hip-hop fashion. We want to be known all around the world. 

Our inspiration comes from Rap/Hip-hop and RnB music, the streets of Turku, Finland and nature. To learn more about us go check out our Youtube channel.

What makes us stand out is us having a very colorful collection with very unique prints. We don't discriminate and want everyone to enjoy our clothes.

Supporting us will keep us pushing towards the next level and hopefully soon you'll be hearing a lot more from us.

Currently we're working very hard on our first "season" yall might be getting a bit more than just shirts this time.

We hope you enjoy our clothes and remember to tell your friends about us. #18Clothing

-18 Clothing